Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As luck would have it, on Sunday, my plans with my boyfriend were cancelled. I had the day all to myself. This was the first time I have had a whole day alone since Dad died. I have had evenings after work alone and afternoons alone, but Sunday, I was really alone.
Well, as alone as you could be when you live with Thunder the Wonder Cat and Dumb Dog.
I took the dog on a long walk, did some cooking and cleaning, made a nice meal, cleaned up the kitchen and after dinner, I read and took a nap. We all took a nap. Keeping my thermostat at 59 degrees means I have very cuddly animals.

We woke up in time to watch the Golden Globes. This is the first time I have watched any amount of TV in months. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be watching that much. While he was resting, Thunder was planning—a cat party!

What might have become a melancholy and sad evening of missing my dad, turned into a whole bunch of fun. It was a surprise party, and I was the guest of honor. We played all sorts of games. For two and a half hours, there was feather, running, throw, catnip tent, follow, tower sprints and a lot of meowing. I would sit to watch TV, and Thunder would call me back to play. Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, behaved better than normally. She let us play without that much interference. This made the party all the much better. I periodically gave her treats to encourage the good behavior.
By the end of the evening, we were all tired—even Maggie. With all the cat partying going on, she didn’t get her evening nap. She didn’t want to miss any treats. When I sat with her to say good night, she just fell asleep. I gathered Thunder and brought him upstairs to bed, where he fell asleep purring.

When you have great animals, you are never alone.

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achieve1dream said...

How do you keep your house at 59 degrees???? I would never move away from my electric blanket. I keep mine at 70-75, but would prefer 80.... my husband likes it colder so we compromise lol.

I'm glad you had a great evening with Thunder. :D