Monday, January 21, 2013

Cruise Improves

I am thinking it is a miracle. I was so sure that Cruise would never recover from his cough. No one heard him cough all weekend. I haven’t heard a cough in more than a week. Kevin heard a couple on Wednesday. That is the last time anyone heard him cough. I am still leading him for a half hour each time I go see him, and he was coughing 9-10 time each time—not anymore. I am so happy. He must have had an infection, after all, and the antibiotics did the trick.

I think he probably had a hay dust induced allergy to begin with. We put him on steroids to help his cough, and they did for a while, and then he seemed to get worse. We took him off hay and started feeding hay cubes, and that didn’t help. That’s when the vet came out the second time. The blood work didn’t show any infection, but steroids can mask an infection—and they must have.

We haven’t trotted or gone on any hills, so I’m not sure if he can do more than walk around. Time will tell. I just want him to heal up. we’ll see what he is like in the spring.

I truly believed that this wouldn’t happen. I was totally pessimistic. Now, I am in a state of shock.


Val said...

Congratulations! That is truly wonderful news!

achieve1dream said...

Yay!! That's awesome! I didn't realize steroids could mask an infection... I'm so happy the antibiotics are working. :D