Monday, January 28, 2013

Cole Posing Pretty

This is Cole parking out like a Morgan.  He taught himself how to do this--I just encouraged him with clicking.  He learned it in his stall, and he only recently started doing it outside.  I have to wonder if the desire to park out is genetic.  If he was a Quarter Horse, would he have done this?

 A proper Morgan park out would have his front legs vertical, but Cole Train always over does everything.  No wonder he takes this to an extreme.  It doesn't matter--he will probably never see a show ring, anyway.

His next step, after I click him for this, he will lean often lean back and bow like a dog.  He does it much lower in his stall than outside, but I'm sure he will start getting lower outside, too.  He is a very silly little horse.

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achieve1dream said...

He is so gorgeous and adorable!!!! That's what I was talking about in your previous post the second picture if you can teach him to get his front legs vertical you can have him lean forward to where his hips are almost straight. It's almost like a backwards bow with the haunches going down instead of the front. :D I know you could totally teach it to him. He is so smart!