Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quick Update

Maggie has been in lockdown for 4 days, now, when I’m not in the house. By day 2, Thunder started to get a little better. He began to play a little in the living room. Hide in the plant barricade I made him and play a little bit of throw. When I fed him his evening dinner and walked away, I heard an excited mew. I went back to see him dash through the living room and climb up his tower for the first time in days. Hurray! A breakthrough! After that, he got progressively better. What a relief. I hate to see my Thunder upset.

I had the vet out to see Cruise again for his cough. She still thinks it is allergies and actually saw improvement. She saw how alert and un-sick he acts, so it seems even more likely it isn’t something tragic. Just to be sure, she took blood for blood work. He has been on hay cubes and off of the hay for more than a week, now. She thought that was a good idea.

Cole showed her how he bows…

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