Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on Life

I try to keep my blog upbeat, but this time, I can’t. My father has been having health problems for some time, and things kept getting worse and worse. For the last month, he has been in hospice care. He is at home with me, and we are giving him 24-hour care. It is a very sad thing for all of us. My sister, my brother, his wife and kids are sharing in the responsibilities.
Ellen and I are still riding, but we are in the saddle far less than we normally are in the summer. Kevin has been helping when I can’t get out for a few days. Cole Train can handle a break, but Cruiser in Insulin Resistant and needs regular exercise. Kevin takes him on walks on the hill.
We figured out, when Cole was cuddling with the farrier after not seeing me for a while, that he missed human attention. A dear friend of ours keeps her horse in our barn. She loves to fuss over horses, so I asked her to spend a little fussing time with Cole. She jumped at the opportunity. She has been grooming him and talking to him, and they are both happy with the arrangement. His mane and tail have never looked so pretty.
With a great support team, we are getting through this, but not without some tears…a lot of tears.
When I get that chance to hop on Cole and take a quick, fast ride, for a little while, I forget, and it’s wonderful.

On a lighter note, Cruiser just turned 25. Where has the time gone? Seems like he was just a colt, yesterday…


Lara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, what a hard time.

achieve1dream said...

I'm sorry about your father. It's so hard going through that. Hang in there!

Happy birthday Cruiser!!