Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Stinks, but Cole Train Doesn't

My life stinks, right now. I won’t go into the details—those who know me well already know. But due to great tragedy, my riding has been curtailed. Instead of ridiing 5 days a week—I went 5 days without riding. I didn’t even get to see my boys. My sister and boyfriend were able to pick up the slack—keeping the stalls cleaned, turnout and leading Cruiser for me. I am grateful for their help.

Here is what I learned. Cruise doesn’t mind being in semi retirement. He adjusted fine. Cole Train had no real exercise in 4 days when my farrier came out to shoe him. I was concerned he might be antsy. I will never worry about him with the farrier, again. My sister said he was simply perfect. He was just thrilled to have the attention. She suggested having one of our friends at the barn groom and fuss over him. She loves grooming horses, and her horse is always spotless. I asked her when I went to ride on Saturday. She loved the idea of being able to help out with something she enjoys so much. When I came out the next day—well I never saw Cole look so lovely. He has the thickest, longest mane around, and it looked perfect for a change. His tale was combed out completely for the first time in a year and he shone so brilliantly, I swear I could see my reflection. He also seemed content. Cole loves people time.

When I rode him Saturday, for the first time since the Sunday before, he was wonderful. I was able to take him out with my sister and boyfriend. I was so pleased how well mannered he was in spite of the time off.

I rode him by myself on Sunday, and wow, what a ride. That is the one thing I am delighted about with Cole. I can ride him with other horses, and he is a gentleman. He follows along at their speed. If I take him out alone, he will fly like he has wings and give me the kind of ride I love. Cruiser was always fast, so I would have to calm him with other horses. Cole is the horse I want for the situation. We can tear up the trail with our zippy canter and our ground-covering trot, or we could just plod along with the old horses. He is amazing.

Cruiser did well with his rest. We went on a walking ride on Saturday and adding trotting on Sunday.

This week, I should be able to get regular rides. If there is any silver lining to the cloud hanging over us, it is that I truly found out what Cole Train is made of. I got myself an awesome horse.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are going through such a hard time right now. Good thoughts are being sent your way. I think it's wonderful your sister and boyfriend are helping you so much! Isn't it nice to have such a great support system?

Dom said...

Hoping life gets less stinky for you asap. Glad you have Cole Train to keep you sane in the meantime.

achieve1dream said...

Sorry things are so crappy. I hope it improves soon.

Glad to hear Cole is the usual rock star. :D