Friday, June 29, 2012

House Cat Tip of the Month – Picking Up

House Cat Tip of the Month – Picking Up
Some cats like being picked up. Some cats hate being picked up. Some cats don’t care either way. No cats like surprises.
I have found that by warning a cat before picking him up, he is more agreeable to it. My theory goes back to mounting horses. If your horse knows what you are doing, he will brace himself and be less likely to take a few steps when you hop aboard. Experienced horses can figure out when you are ready to mount. Young horses that are new to the riding scene need a little warning if they aren’t standing evenly. It could be just standing in mounting position for a little bit or tugging on the stirrup or repositioning them.
I give Thunder a warning before I pick him up by saying, “up-up.” He braces himself to be picked up and all goes well. He particularly enjoys being picked up because it is usually to put him on his table so he can eat. He can jump, by the way, but he prefers to be lifted. In fact, he will call me if I am in another room and ask me to lift him. He is one spoiled cat!


achieve1dream said...

Totally spoiled but so cute! I never thought about warning them when we're going to pick them up! Great idea!

Sorry I'm not commenting on all of your posts like I normally do. It's faster just to read and I really want to get caught up so I can see what you've been up to. So sorry I got so far behind again.

Judi said...

Thanks for reading all my posts and commenting. I wish my story was a happier read, but things are getting better. I think you will soon be reading about the adventures of training my sister's future horse and long summer trail rides.

achieve1dream said...

I wish things had been happier too, but it's nothing to feel bad about writing about, because life just sucks sometimes. There's nothing we can do about it. We just have to remind ourselves that life goes on and will get better. :)