Monday, June 18, 2012

Cole Train's Trot

Rain ruined one of the few chances I had to ride this week. I started with Cole in the indoor arena, rode down to the river—didn’t dare cross because I knew it would be rising soon and then did a little more in the arena. I couldn’t do too much trotting because of the dust. They don’t water it this time of year since most people ride outside. Of course, the outdoor ring was too wet. Anyway, all I could say is the little guy didn’t forget how to do the “Big Trot.” All the work on the trail with a regular trot has only made him stronger and more balanced. He gave it to me on the first request, too. It was amazing.

Hopefully, it will be a while before we are stuck in the arena. As much as I love what he can do there—the trail is still the place for me.

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