Friday, April 17, 2009

The weekend plan

My sister and I took Monday off for the second round of shots for the horses. Of course it is supposed to be cold and rainy. Hopefully we will be able to get a ride in and the vet won't be too late.

We plan to ride Mingo and Ranger up to the show ring for the first time this year tomorrow. They get so excited up there that we will probably only be able to walk the first time. They used to live up there, years ago, and I think that is a cause of the hyperness. They were never that way when they lived there, though.

We have to go up a very steep hill, and then we end up in a small but gorgeous pine forest. Outside the forest, the path goes two ways. One is just thought a mowed field that loops aroung the public showring. The other goes through a really pretty section of the field is growing out. There are a lot of pretty shrubs. It then goes to a wild meadow, past a couple private barns and along the street beside another wild meadow for a bit. Then it ends at the road.

The trails are the best condition around. We usually end up taking the meadow trail and riding out to the showring. It is a pleasant and pretty ride.

I hope Mingo doesn't buck...

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