Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on Ming

Last night, after work, the abscess still hadn't bust out. I soaked him while I cleaned stalls, and went for a ride on Cruiser. When I got back, I turned Mingo out in the arena. He hobbled around a little and thought about rolling, but wouldn't. I brougth his best buddy, Ranger out to keep him company. Ranger did his best to get him to run. He actually did a slow trot. Then he rolled and walked all about with Ranger.

My sister checked him this morning, and he was laying down. His heel felt damp and it was smelly, so it might have busted out. I hope so. I will soak it tonight, and put on his bootie to keep it clean.

If I don't forget my clicker, again, I may do some training.

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