Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun evening ride

My sister was able to ride with me last night. Since she works evenings and I work days, this doesn't happen often. I'm usually by myself. Now and then, my retired boyfriend joins me, but he usually rides in the morning, too.

Anyway, Mingo and Ranger behaved their best yet for the year. We trotted much of the trail on the way out and walked home so we could talk on the way back. There was no bucks and no racing. What a relief--they are finally settling down. This weekend, we plan to bite the bullet and do some cantering together.

I had enough time to ride Cruiser and few times on the hill. We got in just before dark--and just before it started raining.

I'm staying home, tonight, but tomorrow, I'm going to ride Cruiser. My boyfriend has to babysit, so I will be by myself, but at least I won't have to watch the Cavs with him. (Usually I go to his house after my Friday night ride, and we watch a movie.) I can't wait until the playoffs are over!

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