Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Weekend

We had a nice, long weekend. The weather was great on Saturday and Sunday. I rode Cruiser longer on both days than I have been. He is starting to settle down. We did take Mingo and Ranger up to the show ring. As expected, they were very, very excited. We didn’t do any trotting until we turned to go back home. Yes, they like it up there so much that they go slower on the way home than on the way out. It’s silly, but I think it is because they lived up there for 4 years.

We loved boarding up there, and would still be, today, but the owners of the little place we kept them out went through a divorce and the house ended up getting sold. It was a sad situation. We didn’t have an indoor arena, though, so the winters were pretty tough.

Monday, it rained. We got a short ride in between showers. I even managed to take Cruiser on a walk between a couple more rain showers. We then waited for the vet to come and give them their second set of shots. She was early this time. Hurray! My sister and I then went over my house to take the dog on a long walk. It was sunny when we left, but just as we turned to go home, it started raining like crazy. We could barely see. My dog wasn’t too happy, either.

We got pizza from our favorite place and ate until we were stuffed.

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