Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Maggie aka Dumb Dog

Here she is.  She isn't really that dumb, she just isn't as smart as our past dog, Pollie.  Pollie was smarter than a lot of people I know.  Maggie is just a normal dog.  Well, not according to Thunder.  He thinks she is pretty dumb.

She is 6 years old, and she still acts like a puppy.  She may have been dropped on her head.  That is one of the reasons she seems dumb.  She just never matured.  Maggie has all the irritating qualities of a puppy--they just won't go away.  Being a rescue dog, she probably had a bad start in life.

Regardless how dumb or smart she may be--there is no denying that she is an incredibly cute dog. She is good with the Thunder and fun to take on walks.  She also has a good bark, and that is so important.  Maggie takes her job of guarding the house very seriously.  No squirrels will ever get in...

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achieve1dream said...

Haha!! You get those squirrels Maggie!! She is very cute. I can't imagine anyone being scared of that face hehe.

That's interesting that she hasn't lost her puppy qualities. Is it an anxious type of hyper or an excited type of hyper? I'm glad she's fitting in to the family better than she did at first. :)