Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Thunder Thanksgiving

A Thunder Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was celebrated at my house.  Ellen and her boyfriend, John, came over to have lasagna and pumpkin pie.  John is an avid and very talented photographer, and he can’t walk into my house without spending some time with Thunder taking pictures.

When Ellen first met John, he was a cat ignoramus.  He wasn’t raised with them and never knew a gentle cat.  When Stormy decided to move into their house, it took John a while to get comfortable.  He would only pick him up if he was wearing big gloves to protect himself.  Stormy is one of the sweetest, nicest cats in the world, and in time, he won John over.

John is an observer—very handy to be if you are a photographer.  He spent a lot of time watching and learning about cats, and the transformation in him is amazing.  John is now a cat person.  He understands them very well and has a talent of capturing their beauty with the camera.

Back to Thanksgiving—John took a bunch of pictures of Thunder.  Once again, he took a marvelous one.

After they left for home, I spent the evening snuggling with Thunder; reading a good book.  He was ecstatic about it.  There were purrs all evening.  It was a Thunder Thanksgiving.

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achieve1dream said...

Awwwwww that is so sweet that Thunder taught him to trust cats and like them. :D Way to go Thunder! That is a gorgeous picture! He has the most amazing green eyes. Love it!