Thursday, July 17, 2014

What My Sister did Today

What My Sister did Today

During the week, Ellen and I work different hours, so we can’t ride together. She has been working Dante in the arena and walking him around the driveway and such. She has still been nervous about going on the street by herself ever since she broke her ankle while leading him on the street last fall. When she is with me, she does great leading him. I somehow boost her confidence.

She was by herself, today, and she got the nerve up to lead him down the street. First, she rode a little in the arena—and then down the driveway she went. When she got to the road, she saw a police car had pulled a car over and had his lights flashing. She didn’t let this deter her. She walked out onto the road.

Next, another police car comes down the road with the lights and siren going. Dante was fine! Ellen continued down the road. Shortly after, here comes the original car with siren blaring and lights flashing. Dante was still fine with it! Poor Ellen was shaking, but she kept going.

She got a little ways down the hill, and Dante started to get fussy. She continued, but so did he. She ended up turning him around and coming back home. He was great leading on the street. He wasn’t done working though. She rode him for a while in the arena.

She sounded disappointed with herself, but from what I could tell, she did great. I never would have expected her to take Dante on the road once she saw the police car. Then, to top it off, he did great. I think it was a blue ribbon day for her!!!


Allison B said...

Good for her! I find it is easier to have someone around when I do things that make me nervous.

Saiph A said...

This is wonderful! It's so hard to deal with this kind of anxiety; I agree: definitely a blue ribbon day for her!

Mariodacat said...

Good job Ellen. If that didn't spook a horse, I don't know what would. I got spooked in my yard today and it was just strange noises I had never heard before. Good going Dante and Ellen.

Hannah said...

That's great! Good for her!

achieve1dream said...

Way to go Ellen!!!!