Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Belated Weekend Update

The week is nearly over, and I haven’t even mentioned what we did lat weekend, yet.

On Saturday, we decided to take Ranger and Dante up to the show ring trails. I got to ride Dante. Kevin joined us with Starry. The ride was very successful and rather uneventful.

Our plan on Sunday was to take Dante and Cole up there, but Ellen called me in the morning—she had a tremendous migraine. I was on my own, so I took Cole up there by ourselves. I have only done it with him, alone, a couple of times, and he hasn’t always been that good. This time, he did quite well. We did a lot of trotting on the way out, and a little bit on the way home. He got rather excited on the way back, and since it was very hot, I figured that he would be better off doing a bit more walking.

We met Kevin on Starry on the way home. Kevin decided to ride on, since his ride had been too short. I told him I would catch up with him on Dante. Well, as Cole and I headed up the hill on the way home, who should we see, but Ellen! After talking to me on the phone, she went back to sleep for a while and woke up feeling much better.

My plans suddenly changed. She would ride Dante and I would ride Ranger. It is so strange to ride such a big horse. We had a nice time, and we met Kevin and rode home with him.

We have a long holiday weekend, but it is our least favorite. Our urban trails are a little risky around the 4th, so we ride conservatively. There are a few idiots out there that have fireworks and think it is cute to scare horses. Still, at least we get a day off of work.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck getting some riding in this weekend with the morons and fireworks. :)