Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a Bunch of Ordinary Rides

Just a Bunch of Ordinary Rides

Things have gone very smoothly with project Dante. My niece rode him on the hill the other night when the river was too high. He was reluctant to turn back down the hill to do it multiple times, but nothing she couldn’t handle. It doesn’t give me much to write about.

My sister took him up to the show ring on Saturday, and other than balking about going up the hill, again, he was perfect. That doesn’t give me anything to write about, either.

Ellen had to work on Sunday, so I took Dante for a short ride. The river was the highest he has ever crossed—and muddy so he couldn’t see the bottom. He crossed it without hesitation. We did a lot of trotting and a little cantering. It was as enjoyable as can be, but it doesn’t give me anything to write about.

Cole has been consistent and well behaved. He doesn’t care for the heat, the bugs or the hard trail, and he tells me about it. Still, he has been fun and willing to ride. That also doesn’t give me anything to write about.

I hope these good, unexciting rides keep on coming!

Today is Thunder’s anniversary and Starry’s birthday! July 14th is a good day for us. I think it might be good day for a tuna sandwich. Thunder loves to drink the juice.


achieve1dream said...

Nothing wrong with ordinary rides!! In fact they are my favorite. :D

Happy birthday to Starry and happy anniversary to Thunder! I hope he enjoys his tuna juice.

How is the dog doing? You haven't updates on her in a while. And your garden? We have HUGE tomatoes, but they aren't turning red... :( We might have to try a different location next time. The blueberries and blackberries are doing great this year!

Hannah said...

Ordinary is always good. Happy belated birthday to Starry!

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Happy belated birthday and anniversary to the kitties!