Monday, December 16, 2013

Update on winter rides

It’s snowy, it’s cold and the river is freezing. Trail riding has suddenly become very limited—and I have 4 horses to ride. The arena is starting to bore me—it has driven me out into the elements—at least when I can ride in the daylight. On the last few rides on Ranger, I have ridden him around a little trail going around the barn property—6 laps to equal a half hour. He was really happy to be out. I took Cruiser out for a couple laps at the end of his ride, yesterday and I also rode Cole on the hill leading to the river 3 times. They weren’t fabulous rides, at all. I just wanted to get outside.

That leaves Dante. I have kept him in the arena because he is such a joy in there. He has started to power up more with his hindquarters at the trot. His accuracy keeps improving and our circles are getting rounder. I like how he focuses on me—unlike Cruiser who’s mind tends to wander. Ellen is very happy with his progress.

I am having problems with Cole. He isn’t thrilled about doing his big trot—and I don’t blame him. I’m not thrilled about it anymore, either. It tires us both out too much. I want to do an ordinary trot. He has only been giving me 2 trots—his big trot and an awful, pokey, short-stepped trot with his nose up in the air. I want something like he does on the trail. Tonight, I am going to see if I can get it by posting—since that’s what I do on the trail. If I do, I will click him for it to encourage it. I just want a normal horse for a while.

I have been trotting Cruiser more and more and he is getting strong and more consistent. We are up to about 5 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for a horse who hasn’t trotted in a year, it is a lot.

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