Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick Update

Quick Update

I haven’t been blogging, but I have been riding. Since I am taking care of my sister’s horses, I can barely keep track of everything we have been doing. I have gotten Cole out on the hill a few times in the last few weeks. Yesterday, after a seriously rainy few days, we ended up riding the hill in sunshine! The temps were in the 50s! All the snow was gone and the river was roaring. Kevin joined me on Starry, and we did 5 trips up and down—with lots of trotting. We have winter weather, again. It was nice while it lasted. It would be nice if the river got low enough to cross on Christmas, though it will be very cold.

Cole has consistently been doing his new trot. My sister said it looks very pretty. We are both happier with it. Dante didn’t like the warmer weather we were having, and he got a little unenthusiastic about his arena work. I have been riding Ranger around the property whenever I have daylight—same with Cruiser. They both do great in the snow. The warmer weather worked well with Cruiser because he wasn’t as hyper. When he settles down at the trot, he does pretty well. I only trot him about 5 minutes, and the rest of the time we walk.

Ellen is getting better all the time. She thinks she may be able to help with the stalls next week. I would push the wheelbarrow, though. She is able to spend her time in the house without her walking boot. She still wears it out of the house for now.

Two more months of winter to go…

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