Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Surprises

Christmas Surprises

I went out to the barn early and saddled up Cruiser. I like to ride him when it is quiet because he does tend to spook a lot if there is too much going on. I worry about him hurting himself by doing something sudden. We were out about 15 minutes in Ellen walked into the arena. I noticed she was moving funny with her broken ankle—but what I didn’t notice—the walking boot was gone! I knew she wasn’t wearing it in the house anymore, but it turns out she hadn’t worn it since Sunday.

This meant she could walk with us in the arena. Well, she walked, but she couldn’t get up to horse speed. I’m sure she was much warmer than when she could only sit on the mounting block and watch. It was a lot easier to talk to her, too.

I then rode Dante and led Ranger (with Ellen, again.)

Now, for the second surprise. Kevin showed up, and we decided to take the horses on the hill. The day before, we led them because it was very cold and we couldn’t cross the river. I suggested we put saddles on this time—just in case the river was low enough to cross. Much to our happiness—it was! I was able to cross for the first time in about 3 weeks. There was only a light coating of snow, and the ground was frozen just way too hard to trot, so we did get cold. I led Cole about half the time, but I could use the extra exercise after the way I have been eating…

Since we have been keeping the horses on the wrong side of the river, we can only get a Christmas trail ride sporadically. We have trouble with high water, ice on the river and the most frustrating thing—ice on the driveway. This was a real treat for us.

Kevin did his family thing for Christmas, and Ellen and I went to my brother’s house. We had a terrific meal, and then since it was my night to feed at the barn, I gathered up both my nieces and took them along. Since I wanted it to be more than just work, I turned Cole out in the indoor arena, and he put on quite a performance. He did his usually roll, buck and run. He then came back to me and he started up on his tricks. He parked out, bowed, picked up my gloves when I threw them, did his silly walk—mixing in more running and bucking—and a few unasked for rears. Cole is a tremendous rearer. I’m sure I could teach him to do it on command very easily, but I just don’t want him offering it to me when I don’t want it. When I quite playing the games and left him alone, he got upset and ran laps at top speed—I think to get my attention—and it worked.

After we finished feeding and watering, I took my nieces home and spent the rest of the evening snuggling up with Thunder and a good book.

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aurora said...

Nice Christmas surprises. Ice is the pits.