Monday, September 23, 2013

Rainy Weekend

The weather lived up to the forecast this weekend. I was able to take Cole on a fast, short ride on Friday night. it was very hot and humid for this time of year. It was no surprise when it started to rain at night and just didn’t want to end.

I brought my niece out to ride with us, but it was still raining. We let her ride Dante in the arena, and he did very well for her level of experience. To keep her humble, we then let her try to ride Cole Train. Cole just can’t stand to be away from me, and unless the rider really knows what to do, it can be a problem. When I left her alone, they managed a few laps at a walk, but then he started to look for me, again. I did have her try to trot, and he made about 5 steps—that’s about all anyone could do except Ellen. In the arena, he launches into his ever-so-lovely show trot—the one I seldom get to see since I am usually doing the riding. She nearly went over his neck. I got tired of watching her struggle, so I rode him for a bit. The rain started to ease up, so we sent her to saddle Ranger for a trip down to the river. As soon as we got outside, the rain resumed. We still went. The river was very high, and I knew, then, that we weren’t crossing on Sunday, either. We trotted a little bit back and forth at the bottom and came back home.

Sunday, Ellen rode Dante in the arena while I led Cruiser. Cruiser spooked several times, but Ellen just stopped Dante and he stood there until the fireworks were over. I’m glad he didn’t get bent out of shape from Cruiser’s antics. Some horses do. I then put Cruiser in the stall and Ellen rode Dante down to the river. After that, we rode Cole and Range 3 trips on the hill. Once, on the bottom, we were going to trot and Cole burst into a couple huge canter strides. I think he liked the cooler weather. Ranger got very upset about that. We walked for a while to settle them down.

Not much of a weekend for riding, but that happens sometimes. We are hitting a dry spell, so next weekend should be a good one.


Caren Gittleman said...

Judi Hi!!
Just replied to your comment on my blog, go and read it! :)
Would you please add "follow by email" to your blog so that I may follow you?
From your former Clevelander and new friend! Caren

Judi said...

I got the follow me button in place! I read your comment on your site, but right now my computer is blocking me from going back--saying you are a spam site--can you believe it? It happens now and then. I should just break down and buy my own computer instead of using the work one.