Monday, September 30, 2013

Kevin Nearly Falls off Starry

Kevin Nearly Falls off Starry

Since Cruiser is on the disabled list, the tables have been turned on us. Ellen and I used to ride 2 horses together, and then she would hike along as I rode the third. Now, I am the one hiking along as she rides the third. I miss riding Cruiser, of course, but I like going on the walks. Much of the time is spent alone, since I don’t trot, but I have company on my way home.

I was out walking with Ellen and Ranger. We saw a jogger that we have been seeing for years, though I don’t know his name. He is out in fair weather as well as foul—just like us. He’s seen me with Ellen and with Kevin many times. He has also seen Kevin out jogging, himself, many times.

(That’s how Kevin and I met—he was jogging on the bridle trail.)

He was taken aback to see me on foot, and I told him about Cruiser. He jogged on, and Ellen and Range soon followed. Kevin and Starry were up ahead of us, somewhere. I just wandered about, alone, looking at the fall flowers.

The jogger came back before Ellen or Kevin. He said he had an idea. He thought that since I was down a horse, I should take up jogging. I said that there was no way I would, and he said that he knew what he would do. (I can barely type this without chuckling.) He said,”I will talk to your father, and he will straighten you out.” I don’t know how I kept a straight face, but I didn’t correct him—I was too stunned. He thought Kevin was my father!

When Ellen and Kevin caught up with us, I told them about the encounter, and poor Kevin nearly fell out of the saddle—laughing.

(There is an 18 year difference between our ages, but Kevin looks quite young for his age. Then again, so do I—hence the confusion.)

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achieve1dream said...

LOL!!!! That is too funny! And cruel! Your title had me worried lol. My husband and I have an eleven year difference. He looks very young for his age (me too in fact) so it works. :D Something else we have in common hehe.