Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quick Update

I have been remiss in blogging. Well, there really isn’t much news. The horses were visited by the farrier last week, so they feet were a little tender. We adjusted the rides accordingly. We did try to a different river crossing with Dante, but it didn’t go well. The bank was very, very muddy, and though we were finally able to convince him to step in the mud, he wouldn’t take the last two steps to go into the water. We gave up after a half hour and will work on it another day. It isn’t crucial to cross the river, here. We can cross on the street very easily.

I rode Cole with Kevin on Starry last night, and he demonstrated to me that his feet now felt fine. it was a lovely night—cool and few bugs. I didn’t even put spray on him. We did a lot of trotting and a little bit of cantering. When we got back, I let Cole outside to play, and he ran and ran and ran. He evidently loves the weather, too.

When I was doing Cruiser’s physical therapy walk, I tested him on the trot. I saw a measurable improvement from last week. Once he tried trotting, that’s all he wanted to do. When I wouldn’t let him trot, he gaited. He gave me quite a workout. At times, he became quite unmanageable—as only a 26-year-old part Arab can. His brain wants to go, but his body isn’t ready for it. What’s he going to be like when it is really chilly out? I was glad to see some improvement.

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Brian said...

I sure am glad things are doing better. That is one gorgeous horse!