Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thunder's Gift

I indulged myself. For Thunder’s birthday/anniversary, I bought him a cat tower. I ordered it from Petco. I really wanted it—and then they had a sale and the price came down. I couldn’t resist it any longer. It took only a week to ship, and I received it on Tuesday—the first day of Dad watch, so I was thrilled to have something fun to do..

Thunder was very interested when I was assembling it. Once it was done, I took it to the big picture window that overlooks the front yard. It took him 10 seconds to reach the top. He loves it! Most of the day, he is either on it or close by keeping an eye on it. He watches the sunrise there—even though the window faces west. He purrs and purrs and purrs. On the second day, he showed me how he learned to sharpen his claws. This morning, he demonstrated going from the window sill to the top perch all in a single bound.

My sister is on Dad watch today, while I am at work, and she said he has shown it to her many times and how he can climb in different ways. He is on it, now.

He is one happy cat.

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achieve1dream said...

Pictures? Pretty please!