Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot ride

We couldn’t cross the river on our ride last night—too high. I rode with a friend, Julie, who was on Kevin’s horse, Starry. We went up and down the hill 3 times. We trotted on the level parts. Starry didn’t see the point in it all. Cole thought trotting was great fun and Julie said that he was floating off the ground. Yes, Cole can truly trot. That was his extended trail trot. He has a bunch of trots, but that’s the one that just eats up the miles. It seemed like it would take only a few seconds and we would have to come back to a walk.

It was so hot. I think I sweated gallons on that short ride. When I got back, I sponged Cole off and saddled up Cruiser. It was his turn. We did our 3 trips. He trotted like a normal horse on a hot day. Actually, I think the warm weather is doing him good. Sometimes his trot is a little stiff. It has been feeling better, lately. Also, he hasn’t been laying down so much in his stall. The old guy is feeling good. I still sweated gallons.

When I got back, I had to clean 3 stalls and sweated more gallons. It was a tough night.

There is going to be a break in the heat on Sunday. Hurray! this has been one long, hot heat wave.

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