Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trail Riding Weekend

Been too busy to blog! So, here is what has been going on. Saturday, my younger niece came out to ride. she rides Ranger, my sister rides Cruiser and I ride Cole. We went farther with Cole than we ever have, before—all the way until the trail ends if we go south. The last quarter mile is the worst because we are out in the open and the road runs parallel. On the way back, a garbage truck was going down the street; stopping at each house. Ranger got very nervous, and we were able to teach my niece how to handle a slowly moving monster approaching and passing. I’m glad to say that Cole and Cruise were fine. We stopped the horses and let them watch the truck approach. When it came alongside us, I showed my niece, with Cole as an example, how to keep Ranger facing it until is was no longer a threat. She did it, and Ranger relaxed and we continued the ride.
Sunday, my sister and I took Ranger and Cole up to the show ring trails. Our goal was to practice trotting together. Just like last weekend, Ranger was supposed to lead and Cole was not allowed to pass. I clicked him when he stayed parallel to my sister’s leg. Each time, we increased the distance. They did great, and it is funny how much slower Cole goes when Ranger sets the pace versus when we are alone.
I led him down the huge hill, but on the short hill, I rode down for the first time since the time last year when he tried to trot down it and didn’t want to stop at the street. He did very well. I clicked him for slow and careful walking a number of times. He knows what I want—that is definite. He just needs to control his body. He just gets too much momentum.
Yesterday, I didn’t have that much time, so I rode him in the indoor arena. He didn’t like the heat, so it was a lackluster performance, but I still enjoyed it.
I took Cruiser on a quick ride on Sunday and Monday and he was a joy, as always.

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achieve1dream said...

Gotta love weekends filled with trail riding! :D