Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We got about 4 inches of rain at my house on Monday in 2 storms.  The first storm was just over our suburb, and we ended up with 3 huge limbs down that will need a chainsaw to clean up.  That was plenty rain for my garden.  I didn't need the second storm that flooded northeast Ohio, overnight.  It was bad--setting a record for single day rainfall. 

Our boarding stables was severely flooded, and of course, the river flooded, too.  My boyfriend hiked the trails to see the damage, and the hill that the park just repaired--is wrecked.  I am taking my niece out to ride, tonight, but I am sure we still won't be able to cross the river.  Just as well, as it is going up into the 90s--and the humidty is terrible. 

At least I won't have to water my garden for a while...I picked my first green beans yesterday.

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Mary said...

I can still remember quite vividly how intense those storms could get, back in the day. I used to be terrified, but then I started to enjoy them, to a point. The weather here isn't anywhere near the intensity that you experience. That is really too bad about the hill. All that work, washed away.