Friday, July 15, 2011

Cat Party!

Yesterday was a big day for us. It was Thunder’s 4th anniversary. Thunder is my feline buddy, and he means the world to me. So, it was time to throw a cat party! I’m glad to say the weather was cool, and that makes a big difference with a long-haired cat. He isn’t too playful on hot days.

First ingredient to a cat party? A tired dog. I took Maggie out for a long walk. She wasn’t invited to the party. Unfortunately, no one who was invited: my sister, my sister’s cat, the squirrels, birds and chipmunks—none of them showed up. We still had great fun.

At 7:30, the fun began. To start with, I followed Thunder all around while he purred and told me how much he loved me. I got the catnip out and then, we played a little explore, then throw, then feather, then throw, then chase, then follow, then tent, then throw, then da bird, then throw and then it was time to rest a little. If I left the room, he would either start running around or call me. The dog ventured in every now and then to be promptly chased out by Thunder. It was his party.

he decided it was time to rest around dusk.  During our rest, he sat looking out the dining room picture window and watched the lightning bugs. I watched them with him, drank a cup of tea and called up my sister to give her an update. Alas, I thought the party was over, but shortly after I hung up the phone, Thunder wanted to play chase, then throw, then run, then peekaboo, then follow, then throw…Finally, at 10:00, he said he needed to rest. At 10:45, when I tried to collect him for bed, he decided it was time to seriously play dog hunt. Poor Maggie. He vigorously chased her out of the room 3 times before she gave up.

After he had his evening snack and visited the litter box, he said he was ready for bed. I think he purred for 20 minutes straight before he finally fell asleep. He was so happy, and so was I. It was a great party.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds like a great party! Happy Anniversary Thunder!!