Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Rides

I haven’t blogged for a while—just not in the mood, I guess. Losing Pollie, combined with boyfriend problems (we worked things out, again) and being busy at work have taken my energy away.

There is good news. Things are going pretty good with Cole. I rode him twice in the arena last week and he got trimmed. Saturday and Sunday were trail rides with my sister along on foot. I know everyone (including me) recommends going with another horse, but I will take my sister on foot over on horseback, any day. Saturday was only our second trail ride. This was the day he decided to test me. He wanted to crowd my sister, turn to the side of the trail to try to grab branches (didn’t succeed) trot and stall out. I think he was trying to figure out what he was allowed to do and what he was supposed to do. Eventually, he gave a little buck. I shouted at him, which scared him, and he was pretty good after that.

Sunday, he gave me a few problems leading to the trail and he stalled out in the middle of the river. Once we made it across the river, but was pretty good. He still tried to trot a few times and stalled just a couple, but he gave up on trying to get branches and crowding my sister. We walked all the way to the next river crossing and then turned and headed home. Halfway home, we met my boyfriend on Starry. He rode back with us. This was the first time I have ridden with another horse. At first Cole was uneasy, but I let Star pass us, and then we rode past Starry and led all the way back. He was fine after he got that good look at Starry.

My sister and I have a 4-day weekend this week, and if the river cooperates, I plan to ride him down trail each day. One of them will definitely be riding with my sister on her horse.

Overall, I am pleased. I feel he can only get better, and I can’t wait for next year when I can ride with abandon!

I haven’t’ been able to ride Cruiser as much as I like. He had an outbreak of hives, and got some in the saddle area that burst open. I had to wait for them to heal. I though all was well, but last weekend, my riding irritated the bare patch on his back. I had to give him more time off for it to heal. Well, this weekend, I cleaned off my western saddle, which I don’t think I have used in 10 years, and tried that. Success!!! It didn’t bother the bare patch at all. I am back in the saddle with Cruiser—and riding Cole. This is the first time I have had 2 horses to ride since last fall.

It’s wonderful…

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achieve1dream said...

I'm so happy you and your boyfriend worked things out. Men can be so frustrating and infuriating!

As far as the testing you thing goes that's what I'm so terrified of! I know Chrome will test me. It's just the way he is. Hopefully when we have two more years under our belt I'll be confident to handle whatever he throws my way, but I just don't know right now. I try not to think about it since it's so far off.

I'm glad he settled down and did good. He sounds like such a sensible horse. It is nice to hear about other people's problems with their horses that turn out fine because it helps to build my confidence. :)

I'm glad you found a saddle that works for Cruiser. :)

Hope you start feeling better soon. I know how you feel. I get very discouraged and unmotivated when a bunch of things happen all at once as it so often does.