Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cole doing well

Saturday, when I took Cole on his walk in the park, he was in uniform. Yes, he was tacked up. When the time seemed right, I climbed aboard and rode for about a half hour. He did very well. It was our 6th ride.

Last night, I rode him in the arena, again, and he did much better. Since he had that time in the park, he figured out the one thing I was having trouble with--walking on command. Now he understands it very well.

I got brave and asked him to trot a few times. All I can say it--he has marshmallow suspension. I have another black horse, at least in the arena where he's not going fast, that is nearly impossible to post. I figured he'd be smooth, but I was surprised how smooth. That might change on trail. Cruiser is easy to post in the arena, but has much more action in the park, and I need to post.

I have been having boyfriend troubles--things I can't share, here--and I don't know how this is going to work out. I may lose him after 14 years--through no fault of my own. He thinks I have cheated on him. (Of course, I didn't.) Well, if I did, I sure hope he was young and handsome!

I sure do miss Pollie. The house is just so quiet without her. My dad is really suffering. She was his best buddy. She was such a wonderful dog.

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achieve1dream said...

I wish there was something I could do. I hate it when things seem to go downhill with the speed and power of a full on avalanche! I'm sorry you're going through that right now. I couldn't imagine what you're going through with your boyfriend after fourteen years together. That must be a total nightmare. I really hope you can get past this and become stronger together. I've been told the reason people think their partners are cheating on them is because of insecurity. I don't know if that helps or gives you any idea what could be going through his head, but it's something to keep in mind. I'll keep you in my thoughts. And your dad.

Oh and on a happier note congrats on your park ride! That is sooooooo friggin exciting!!