Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ringwork with Cole

Had a good ride on Cole last night. We are working in the arena. He is doing so well on the trail, but the ring work has been a struggle. I think he finally understands trotting. We have gone from exploding forward to trotting in place. Last night, we were able to do walk/trot transitions on a circle. Even more important, when we were walking, he wasn’t constantly trying to trot. I believe we have reached the elusive turning point in our training. If I hadn’t spent so much time riding on trail, we would have been here, already, but I can’t resist the trail.

I will be working on a more complete blog on the subject, soon.

I rode Cruiser down trail, and we had a nice ride. The weather has cooled off, and the bugs have eased up. He was very enthusiastic.


achieve1dream said...

Yay! Gotta love turning points!

I can't wait for the detailed post.

I'm glad Cruiser is feeling better. :)

achieve1dream said...

Thanks for commenting about Chrome's hooves. I'm glad you don't think he's contracted. I finally found a website that kind of explained it and I agree that I don't think he is.

I agree that his heels are too high and I'll work on that in the next trim. I just don't want to force too much on him at one time because he hasn't had a lot of practice (bad me I got lazy). I'm also going to treat for thrush.

I did change his diet when he had the heat in his joints. I cut back how much feed he was getting and started giving him a supplement. Maybe it is just diet changes I don't know. I'm really hoping someone that knows more than me will comment lol. At least he's not lame. And he's never appeared sensitive at all. Not on asphalt or gravel. Thanks again for commenting. :)