Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Life hasn’t been very kind to me, lately. I don’t blog all my problems—I try to keep it upbeat—but it is once again, a time of sadness in my house. My dear dog, Pollie, got very sick over the weekend. I have been suspicious for a few weeks that something was going wrong. I took her to the vet yesterday. She has a huge tumor wrapping around her abdomen. I was hoping it was fluids—as in congestive heart failure. At least we could have her a little while longer. This is much worse. She also has fluids by her lungs, and that is why she had trouble breathing.

The vet sent me home with Lasix and a painkiller. There is nothing we can do except keep her comfortable until the time comes. It is so sad. She has been such a wonderful dog over the last 13 years. She is a Sheltie mix, and so smart that I only spent about 10 minutes training her in her whole life. She just learned everything on her own. She never gave us an ounce of trouble and has only given us joy.

I will miss her so much…

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achieve1dream said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Just remember those happy years together. I know it's hard but as we all know time will heal. Hugs.