Monday, July 12, 2010

Another weekend with Cole

Another good weekend with Cole. We took him on a long walk on Saturday and crossed the two river crossings that he did before. I had trouble turning him around to go back towards home.

Sunday, we went a new direction on the trail. This one heads towards the busy part of the park. We had to cross a new river. It only took him a few minutes to decide it was safe. We then were in the chaotic area. I saw him frightened for thanks, first time—it was the horse-eating rock! The park put is by the side of the road with a commemoration plaque. I told him he was silly, and led him up to see it. It didn’t take much urging. He cautiously approached—and found apples pieces on top of it. He settled right down and we continued on our walk.

As we walked along the trail that closely paralleled the street, he didn’t spook at any of the heavy traffic. There were motorcycles so loud that, if my hands were free, I would have covered my ears. When we got out in the open, he viewed to picnic area, the fisherman’s wall with all the fishermen and watched bikes go by across the street. He took it all in, and wasn’t afraid. We turned back and headed home. He crossed back over the new river with no hesitation at all—walked right in, and carefully crossed without rushing—just what I have been trying to teach him!

He is a fine horse.

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achieve1dream said...

That is so fantastic! I'm glad he's not afraid of motorcycles. Chrome is (because neighbors do wheelies down the hill beside my house) but I think he's getting over it. I hope he does before I start riding him lol. I need to find someplace to take him around them, but I don't know of anyplace around here. And people are extremely uncooperative. Anyway I can't wait to read more. :)