Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cole back into training

Well, last night, I decided I should work with Cole to advance us towards riding. I started out with the bridle. Up until now, he has been so obsessed with chewing and playing with the bit that he ignores me. I found a flash noseband in my pile of miscellaneous tack. It fit him. I only put it tight enough to keep him from opening his mouth more than ½ an inch. It did the trick. I led him about and practiced walk/whoa/ turn. He advanced very quickly and in the end, wasn’t much different than Cruiser.

I took the bridle off and put the saddle on. I decided we really need to tackle the lounging problem. He is now walking well on the lounge, but needs to improve his trot transitions and trot duration. I have been using clicker for this. It took a bit, but finally, he started to misbehave and dance about. I drove him forward for a few laps, and I could see the light bulb go off! He knew what I wanted. Of course, I clicked, and then we started up again. He was doing laps, and when he tried to slow down, I could speed him back up. I think he has got it—I just can’t wait 2 weeks before I do this again, like before.

Next step—preliminary mounting. I simply made him stand while I jumped up and down. I did it on both sides. He was fine. we have done this before. I then thought I would try to jump up and lean across the saddle. After all, he is only 14.2.

Alas, I am not as young as I used to be. He didn’t seem to mind me throwing my body into his side and slipping down. Next time, I will try it from the mounting block. By now, I was dripping in sweat from all the hopping and jumping. I put him back in his stall and took Cruiser out for a trail ride.

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achieve1dream said...

Has he ever been ridden before or is he completely unstarted? It sounds like he's doing fantastic! Can you believe this is the same horse who didn't understand the clicker? :)