Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye

My sister-in-law brought my two nieces (14 and 18) out to the barn last night to say goodbye to Mingo. They have been riding our horses for years, and last summer, we put them in training. They had a great time, and got very attached to the horses. They wanted to see Mingo one last time.

I was worried it would be a tearful and emotional affair, but Mingo saved the day. He had one of his best days in weeks. He was so sociable and loveable. He turned on that “old Mingo Charm” that he was always so good at. I turned him loose in the arena as the kids fed him treats and talked to him. He never left them—even when the treats were gone. He just wanted to be petted and talked to. We took a bunch of group pictures with us all laughing and smiling. The horse, who a few weeks ago didn’t want anything to do with people, seemed to revel being surrounded by us. For a little while, he was his old self, again.

They left, and he was exhausted. He ate his evening beet pulp and hay cubes, then went right to the corner of his stall to take a nap. It was a great evening. and one I will always remember.

(Friday is the sad day...)

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achieve1dream said...

He sounds like such a special horse . . .