Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Housecat Tip of the Month

Housecat Tip of the Month

A few years back, I had an elderly Siamese cat, Indi. Siamese cats are always cold, and the older they are, the colder they are. Ellen bought the neatest item for her—the Snuggle Safe. It made the last few years of her life much more comfortable.
The Snuggle Safe is a hard plastic disk with some sort of liquid in it. You put it in the microwave for 5 minutes or so, depending on the strength of your microwave. It heats up and stays warm for hours. You just place it under some blankets to make it softer and to keep it from scalding your cat if it is really hot.

Once Indi went to the great catnip patch in the sky, I went a few years without a cat. The Snuggle Safe was still used—by me. I would heat it up before bed and put it by my feet to keep them warm. (I have to confess, I still do it.)

Now, Thunder is a long-haired cat and he never complains he is cold, but in the winter, before I leave the house, I heat it up and put it under his favorite cat mat. He then lays there most of the day to keep his paws warm.

I think that most cats would enjoy a snuggle safe—Indi even used hers in the summertime. They are durable, and I have had mine for years.

If you want to make a cold cat happy, get a Snuggle Safe.

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