Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy Weekend

Looks like it may be a rainy weekend. I think we will have no trouble getting a good ride on Saturday morning, but Sunday looks questionable. I’m going out for a quick evening ride today before going over my boyfriend’s for our Friday night movie. I rode Cruiser on Wednesday, and he was very energetic and hyper. I think he is preparing me for when I get my young horse.

Yes, I have decided to get another horse. I am hoping for a Morab gelding, like Cruise. Cruiser will be 23 in a few months, so I have to be realistic. I won’t be able to ride him as much as I do forever. My sister’s horse is close behind, so having a third horse between us works out really well. So the search is beginning…

I am planning a good garden this year.  I am starting tomatos, peppers, cabbage and broccoli in the house.  I already have snow peas growing in pots for a springtime harvest. They are so good from the garden.  The rest of the garden has to wait until I rototill and get the electric fence up.  We have way too many deer to bother to plant without the electric fence.  I usually don't get it started until mid May.  I sure do miss those fresh veggies.

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achieve1dream said...

As sad as Mingo's passing is, it is exciting that you're horse shopping!! I hope you can find what you're looking for.

I'm beginning to think we won't get our garden done this year. It's already almost May and we haven't done anything. Sigh. Jobs suck lol!