Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trail Training Newsletter #111 - Cruiser and Ranger out for a Ride

Cruiser and Ranger out for a Ride

Finally! Spring! Finally, Ellen and I can go trail riding together! As usual, we have 2 hyper horses out on the trail. The last few years we started out by riding Ranger and Mingo together and Cruiser by himself for the first month or so. It went smoother that way since most of the problems we have stem from Cruiser. He may be 22, but in the spring, the years shed off him like his winter coat. He is back to being a 4-year-old.

This spring, the buddies are back together. The good news is that our horses are always happy to walk along quietly. Sometimes Cruiser will walk a little too fast for Ranger, but Ellen tells me when he is starting to bunch up to shoot forward, and then I will stop Cruise and wait for them.

On the first ride, we did decide to try some trotting. It lasted about 5 seconds before they started to race. It wasn’t a surprise. We just stuck at a walk, after that.

The next ride went a bit better—mostly because we had been riding the horses on the trail by ourselves during the week and the springtime novelty was starting to wear off. We did a series of walk/trot/walk transitions. We would wait until they felt like they were going to misbehave and stopped it before it happened. It worked. Right before we were ready to turn around, we trotted about a minute—and only quit because we ran out of trail.

Maybe we will get the horses behaving before June this year? Anyway, it is a lot of fun to go out and ride with my sister on the trail—even if most of it is at a walk.

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