Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday at the barn

I had yet another good ride on Cruiser. It took us less time to get focused and working. He remembered what we were working on Monday, and we continued where we left off.

He was able to move lively the hard direction on the sides of the arena. He still had trouble with losing energy on the corners, but he improved when I remembered to half halt him right before the corner. With work, we might be able to do it.

As a bonus, he was lighter in my hands. Lately, he has been leaning on my hands. Sometimes it is because he has to snort, and other times, it is because he is pretending that he has to snort. He knows I will let him stretch down to snort, and he is turning into a horse who has to snort all the time! Funny how little he snorts on the trail.
So by keeping him focused on going forward with energy, he becomes lighter and snorts less.
Mingo, who had a relapse over the weekend, is still having a tough time and has moments of unsocialness. He seems to be moving better, but is acting paranoid. It isn’t as bad as the last time this happened, and since it got better before, I am hoping it will improve, again. I feel so helpless. He seems to be eating pretty good. There was barely a scrap of hay left when I was there last night.


achieve1dream said...

Cruiser sounds like a smarty pants! I love how he pretends to snort. Silly horse. :) I'm lad he's going better for you. It's always so much fun to make positive progress.

I'm sorry about Mingo. I'm sure he'll be fine since he got better last time. I'm still thinking of him and hoping he can beat this thing soon.

Jocelyn said...

thanks for stopping by my blog !

That KITTY is the naughtiest kitty EVER... HE is lucky he's cute, old and cuddly.