Friday, February 19, 2010

Farrier Night

Well, I worried for naught.

Mingo survived farrier night. I was really worried that we wouldn’t be able to trim his feet—either that or it would be a disaster. He has been having trouble lifting his hind leg. My sister and I have been working together with the help of clicker. up until just last week, he could only hold it about a second in the proper position. By the night before, we were up to about 30 seconds, which, of course, isn’t enough to trim a hoof.

I should have never doubted my farrier. He is really wonderful. He was out there early, so he got started before I arrived. My sister told him what was up. When she took Mingo out of his stall, he was very stiff and sore. She walked him a couple laps in the arena until he loosened up. My farrier placed Mingo close to a wall so he would have support if he had to lean. As it turned out, he didn’t need the wall. Ken would lift his foot up, and his leg would shake. He then lowered his foot until it stopped shaking and trimmed it at that height. He gave him plenty of breaks, too. Mingo never pulled away or lost his balance. The trim was a success. Throughout it all, he just leaned his head into my sister’s coat and licked her hand. Sometimes, he can just be so precious.
He was tired from the experience and will probably be sore from it. I will just try to keep him quiet and relaxed this weekend.


achieve1dream said...

I'm glad Mingo did so well. It sounds like you have a really great farrier. I wish you could figure out what is wrong with Mingo. After the lameness scare with Chrome I feel like I can relate to how you're feeling now, although probably nowhere near as bad. I'll have Mingo in my thoughts.

achieve1dream said...

Wow I had no idea about Safechoice. What do you feed? I really want to feed him the best I can and Safechoice is too expensive to be feeding if it isn't the best. I'd love to know what you feed or what you think are good feeds. What should I be looking for in the ingredients? I am concerned about insulin resistance simply because Friesians and Arabians are both such easy keepers. Thanks for the info!

achieve1dream said...

Hey, my e-mail is

I agree I don't think it would be good for a growing horse, but I can go ahead and research now what feed I want to put him on later. After doing research on Safe Choice I can't believe I just continued feeding it on the recommendation of the breeder. It doesn't have the protein levels foals need. Now I'm trying to decide what I want to feed him, if it isn't too late. He's nine months old so I hope I haven't already messed everything up. I'm leaning toward Nutrena Life Design Mare & Foal because it's a pelleted feed. It seems like all of the Purina feeds for growing horses are grain and molasses. I'm probably going to call my trainer later after work and see what she thinks. She works with warmbloods so she might have some information for me. Thank you for the information on the low carb feeds.