Friday, January 15, 2010

Plan for Mingo

I talked to my vet this morning and gave her a full update. Ming’s neck is much better, but something is still hurting him in the hindquarters. He is not lame, but here is why I think there is still something wrong. When he was on 3 grams of bute, he would lay down, but not on any less. When I brought him to 2 grams, I put fresh shavings in his stall. He wanted to roll, but when he got down on his knees, he paused and got back up. Also, he doesn’t want to lift that foot up. He will, but doesn’t want to bring it back.

Since we have poked and prodded everything on his body, and he hasn’t reacted, it is something that is deep in his body—and I would have to take him back to the hospital for further diagnostics. Since that went so badly last time, I really don’t want to do that.

We are going to keep him on pain meds, long term, but we are going to switch to something that is more expensive, but less harmful to his gut. I am just going to make him comfortable and give him a lot of time. Whatever it is, I am sure that would be what we would have to do, anyway. The only thing is I don’t know is if it is the kind of thing that will get better or not. I will just wait and see. When he is getting enough painkiller, he is not suffering, he eats well and rests well. In fact, he is starting to get obnoxious, again.

Our plan is to do some hand walking and work more on our clicker training. We both enjoy it—and who knows—maybe if he heals and I can ride him again, he will listen better?

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achieve1dream said...

Sorry Mingo is still having problems. It sounds like a good plan to me though. The body can do amazing things if it has time to heal. I'll send all the positive healing thoughts his way that I can.