Thursday, January 21, 2010

The latest on Mingo

The sun came out today—the first time in a couple weeks.

We switched Ming’s pain medication on Monday from Bute to a pill they give dogs for arthritis. It is easier on his system. Since this whole thing started, whatever it is, Mingo has only laid down or rolled when he is on 3 grams of bute. When we switched to the dog pills on Monday, he still didn’t lay down. I got a call from my sister this morning. She cleaned his stall, went to dump the wheelbarrow and came back to a very dirty and happy horse. He rolled.
Either the dog pills build up in his system over a number of days, or better yet, he has actually improved enough on his own this week to allow him to lay down.

Things are looking up.

He is moving soundly under the medication. We are only handwalking him at this time.


achieve1dream said...

Alright!!!! That's some good news!

achieve1dream said...

I feel for you about Mingo's injury. It must be so frustrating, but he will be okay again.

I've tried carrots with Chrome and he didn't like them, but I might try again because that was a while ago. Now that he's used to taking sugar from my hand he might figure it out this time. :) Then I'll be able to use sugar as his jackpot treat.

It was funny when I went back out to halter him later after the clicker session as I was reaching up to buckle his halter he kept stepping back because he thought I had a treat lol, so I think the mugging will probably go away pretty quick for him like it did for Mingo. :)