Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have finally started trail riding, again. It was such a long winter. We have even been crossing the river. Now, it is time to get the boys to settle down and behave. They get so excited in the spring. Mingo has been doing his bucks of joy and insists on being in the lead. This is the horse who is usually trailing far behind in the summer.

Cruiser thinks the word trot means canter. I am super careful with him because of his healed bowed tendon. I will only cross the river when I can see the bottom and no deep mud for Cruiser. I won't even ride him with Ranger or Starry until I feel he has settled down. At 21, he can still get pretty wild.

My sister's horse, Ranger fell in the water when she was crossing today. He just slipped in the back. He didn't go completely down--and was able to pull himself back up before my sister went in. He appears to be fine. She crossed and recrossed right after it happened. This is important to do, if you can. Everytime Cruise has fallen in, he is terrified of the river and we have to go through a few training sessions to get him right, again.

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