Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Starry is a Superstar!

Starry is a Superstar!

I try to ride with Ellen when she rides in the morning before she goes to work, but I had to feed in the evening--and it is a long drive to go out twice a day.  She was on her own.  I thought it would be a good day for Kevin to see how Starry would do with Dante all by themselves.  Would Starry insist on following Dante?  Would he get stuck on the river bank, again, when he realizes that Dante isn’t in front of him--blocking the river bank so Dante can’t pass to get in front of him?

Starry crossed the river, went up the river bank and waited for Dante to follow.  Then, Starry took the lead at a trot for the whole trail.  He led on the way home.  One time, he did get fussy about leading, so they rode a bit and then asked Starry to pass Dante.  He did.  He got clicked and a whole handful of carrots.  Ellen suggested letting Starry follow the rest of the way home to give him another reward.

Kevin is as happy as a clam.  All of his hard work payed off, and Starry is back to his old self.  Ellen told him that he will probably still have setbacks, but the worst is over.  Starry is a Superstar.

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