Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rainy Day Ride

Rainy Day Ride

I was going to give Cole the day off, yesterday, until I saw the forecast.  They predicted several rainy days in a row.  I took him on a quick, fast ride and figured he could have the day off today.

I woke up, and it was raining.  I knew Ellen was going to ride, so I decided to go out to the barn and see if we could salvage the morning.  When I got there, the rain stopped for a few minutes and there was some hope--and then it started up again.

We decided to take Ranger for his walk outside, anyway.  The rain wasn’t that hard, and the temps were warm.  He is still healing from his abscess.  When it burst out, it came out in several places and compromised his hoof.  Five years ago, when he had an abscess on the same foot, this happened too.  It will take him a while to fully heal--just like last time.  Today, we saw a real improvement, so that was hopeful.

The rain stopped, so we decided to take Dante and Cole out on the loop in the back of the property.  If it started to rain hard, we could always come back in.  As it turned out, just as we stepped outside it started drizzling, again.  We rode just the same.  After three laps, the rain quit and we did three more.  We did a mix of walking and trotting.  Riding the loop is rather boring by yourself, but it can be a lot of fun with company, and it was.

I was glad I came out to the barn and was able to ride a little bit.  Cole can have the day off, tomorrow.  We have already gotten about an inch of rain, and more is coming.  The river will be too high to cross, even if it stops raining in time.

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