Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lovely Uneventful Rides

Lovely Uneventful Rides

Yes, that is all we have.  It doesn’t give me much to write about.  We have started riding up to the show ring trails on the weekend.  Ellen was nervous about it, but the very first ride was terrific.  All the rides after that were just as terrific.  She is now learning to let go.  If Dante wants to travel a little faster because Cole is, she is letting him have a loose rein.  Dante is taking his new freedom in a responsible manner.

Ellen started riding on the trail during the week  with Kevin on a regular basis, too.  Those rides are going super.  One day, there was a park worker with a weed whacker that was close to the trail.  He didn’t see the horses right away.  Starry was unconcerned, and Dante was a little nervous.  Kevin’s biggest concern was whacking weeds whacking the horses.  He was able to attract the worker’s attention, and he shut it off.  That was about the most exciting thing that happened to them on their morning rides.

One morning, there was a garbage truck parked at the end of the trail once, and they were attempting to take a side trail to get by it, then the truck moved.  See what I mean about unexciting?

We haven’t even been caught in the rain!

One evening, a Peyton, a huge Thoroughbred joined Kevin and me with his leaser riding him.  It was a first time for her.  I warned her that we like to do a lot of trotting and some cantering.  She wasn’t sure how far she would ride with us.  Well, I guess she had fun because she stayed the whole time.  We walked all the way home because we know that Peyton has been giving his owner trouble on the way home.  Overall, Peyton was great.  Another uneventful ride.

We will be keeping our rides in the safer part of the park over the holiday weekend—as we always do.  The rides will be early, too.  Things can get a little crazy when people have fireworks.  After that weekend, I am hoping that Ellen will feel confident enough to start going on the “long” rides.  We never got that way last year.  It involves 2 more river crossings and a bad intersection, but once you get through that, we have lots of great trail.  It is where we took Ranger and Cruiser nearly every possible weekend day for years.  Maybe I will get some good, uneventful rides to write about, there, too.

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