Friday, June 3, 2016

Farrier Night – Cole Makes Me Proud  

(The video is my sister's cat, Stormy, playing with her dog, Stubby.)

Cole and I have been practicing holding his hind feet forward and up for the farrier.  It was the one thing he wasn’t consistent with when my farrier trimmed his feet.  Since I am retiring and expect to ride more, he really needed rear shoes.  I have been keeping them barefoot and wearing his feet down way too far for his naturally low heels.

All the work payed off.  Ellen arrived to the barn before me because she can get out of work earlier.  our farrier had already trimmed all the horses.  He was just waiting for someone to show up to help out with Cole’s first set of back shoes.

Cole was great and our farrier was very happy.  We will continue to review the lesson a few times a week until the next time, and if that goes well, too, we will be all set.  I love clicker training.

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