Monday, February 9, 2015

Cole Train in the Snow

We had a lovely weekend. They predicted rain—and we got sunshine! On Saturday, I was able to take Cole Train out on the hill—the first time in weeks. All of our weekends have been either very cold or the driveway has been too icy. Finally, everything worked out—and there was sunshine, too.

Ellen opted to play it safe with Dante in the arena, so I was on my own—well not really. Ellen walk—or I should say tried to walk with us. The snow was so deep that it made walking tough. I was glad to let Cole do the work.

I didn’t know how he would be, but he had been so good all week when we were riding outside in the back of the property that I was pretty hopeful about his behavior. I was right—he was great. When I asked him to trot, he stepped so high to rise above the snow, that I could barely ride him. After that, I decided to stick to walking.

He did jump once when a large clump of snow fell out of the tree and landed on him. Another time, he did one of his Cole Bursts. That’s when he suddenly leaps forward out of excitement. I was able to get him back to the walk, immediately, so I forgave him for it.

We rode up and down the hill three times. On the last trip up, we found Kevin and Starry on their way down.

Our mini thaw is over, and now we have lots of ice and the snow is like walking on Styrofoam. I don’t know when we will get to enjoy another trail ride. The forecast doesn’t offer much hope at all. I’m so glad I managed to get Cole out this weekend.

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achieve1dream said...

I would have jumped if snow fell on me too! Cole is such a good boy!