Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Boring Blog

Ellen on Dante

Boring Blog

I have so much to write about that is on my mind—some good and some bad—but it is too early. I want to make sure what’s good is really good, and what is bad isn’t as bad as I think.

What I can write about, I don’t feel like writing about--the weather and the way it is ruining our riding. It’s pretty bad when I can’t manage my arena rides because of the weather, but it’s true. Some days, it is too cold to ride Cole. Ellen can ride Dante, because he is a sensible horse. Cole feels like I am riding a stick of TNT—ready to blast at any moment—and he does, too. On those days, I let him run and play and then we do our groundwork. This cold spell has to break, soon. Sometimes, it is a little warmer and I will take Cole outside and ride him around the loop, but that doesn’t give me much to write about.

I have been daydreaming about gardening and eating fresh vegetables. I still have a freezer filled with green beans, but they are steadily declining. I sure do miss looking at flowers outside. All I see is snow, snow, snow.

Maggie isn’t getting as long of walks as she should due to the cold, and she is driving Thunder and me crazy. At least she hasn’t been going on any nighttime rampages anymore. I think she may have finally outgrown them. It was really bad the night she got into the cupboard and ate a whole package of microwave popcorn…

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achieve1dream said...

Maggie ate a package of microwave popcorn?? Unpopped?? Ew!! Weird dog!

I hope the bad news isn't bad at all and I hope the weather improves too. I'm not looking forward to dealing with Chrome's sweet itch, but I really hope spring gets here soon so you get a break from the crappy weather. Hang in there!