Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend update

Weekend update

We were rained out on Friday. By the time the rain quit, there wasn’t enough daylight to ride on the hill. I took the few minutes we had and rode Cole on the property. Then we worked a little in the arena.

On Saturday, my niece came out and rode Dante in the arena and then we took Cole and Ranger on the hill. This was Ranger’s first time all the way down to the bottom. He was very, very excited, but he controlled his emotions—channeling them into fast walking. My niece rode him and Ellen walked alongside. Cole behaved. We did 3 trips at a walk. We only had one incident. The huge piles of ice shifted and made a loud noise when we were right next to it.. Both horses spooked, but not badly. Who could blame them for that one—hard to desensitize them to shifting ice piles.

Sunday, Ellen rode Dante in the arena and took him for a walk outside, but we got cold, fast. We didn’t want to be totally frozen, because we then took Ranger and Cole on the hill. The ground was frozen, so we kept it at a walk and did 3 trips, again. They were both very good.

Finally, on Monday evening, Kevin and I took Starry and Cole on the hill. Once again, it was frozen so we stayed at a walk. At least it wasn’t windy so we didn’t get too cold. We did get to see the flock of turkeys, and that was neat. I love seeing turkeys. They only moved back into the area a few years ago, so they are still novel to see. Cole behaved, but Starry had a few feisty moments.

Of course, I didn’t ignore Cruiser throughout all this. Each day, he went for a walk with me. He has been incredibly energetic and has been giving me excellent workouts. He certainly keeps me warm on these chilly days.

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